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Dr. Eric DeLamielleure the Founder of Chiropractic Unlimited began in June 2000 in a 900 sq. ft office on Forest Hill Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI.

Dr. DeLamielleure began with a desire to get patients healthy as quickly as possible and empower them with the knowledge to keep them active and living a healthy lifestyle. That basic desire and the loyalty of his patients has resulted in great growth over the years. In April, 2006 Chiropractic Unlimited moved to our current location at 5060 Cascade Road, Grand Rapids, MI. Dr. DeLamielleure noticed the gap in patient care in regards to availability of complete rehabilitation from injury and to ultimately help prevent future injury. He envisioned an environment of like minded professsionals to bridge this gap. His desire to continue to provide the best and most complete care to patients has resulted in the addition of THE FACILITY located at 5131 East Paris Ave, SE, Kentwood, MI.

Our chiropractic services are complimented with an on site training center at our East Paris location, called Power Strength Training Systems. www.powerstrengthpro.com. The Facility allows complete continuity in patient care from every aspect.

Chiropractic Unlimited is excited to offer our patients and community two state of the art clinics, offering the very latest and best care in the chiropractic field. Excelling in personalized treatment for all of our patients. provided by the best innovative, top trained professionals in our industry.

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