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Chiropractors help millions of people regain control of their lives every year. Our treatments are designed to eliminate acute and chronic pain, increase flexibility, improve mobility and function, increase strength, enhance balance, and increase the overall quality of one's life.

Chiropractic Unlimited care involves spinal adjustive techniques, soft tissue treatment, dietary and nutritional counseling, exercise and fitness counseling and many other safe and natural methods to improve health and prolong a vibrant and productive life. We can show you how to get the most out of your body so that you can get the most out of life!

The Philosophy of Chiropractic Unlimited

Here at Chiropractic Unlimited, we evaluate the entire person as a whole when assessing and treating a patient's health ailment or disease, rather than focusing solely on a symptom or specific area of the body. We know that the body is able to maintain and heal itself in most cases. We also know that true health is not achieved through the ingestion of chemicals or the cutting away of diseased tissues. Instead, health is something that comes from within and is inherent to our body.

Our doctors understand that circumstances occur which may require medical intervention, but ultimately, it is the body that conducts and manages the process of healing and not the doctor or externally applied forces. When one of our doctors correct spinal abnormalities and eliminates spinal and nerve irritation and interference, pain is alleviated and the body's inborn healing capabilities are set into motion.

After years of continued education and first hand experience C/U has adopted a Functional Movement Screening to determine extended inefficiencies of the body.  We have learned the Bio-mechanics of our body can be the greatest diagnostic tool.  As C/U continues to seek out and learn the most up to date  researched treatment and diagnostic protocols we will continue to add and grow  the available treatment and services to our patients.

What can chiropractic care do for me?

  • Chiropractic increases spinal range of motion
  • Chiropractic increases balance and coordination
  • Chiropractic increases joint nutrition and decreases spinal joint arthritis
  • Chiropractic increases health and well-being
  • Chiropractic decreases joint and tissue degeneration through optimizing spinal biomechanics
  • Chiropractic decreases fall injuries, as well as other injuries
  • Chiropractic decreases frequency and severity of back, neck and head pain

Chiropractors are Real Doctors

Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.) comprise the second largest health care profession with over 50,000 practitioners in the U.S. They earn the title "doctor" along with medical doctors (M.D.), doctors of osteopathy (D.O.), and dentists ( D.D.S.).The educational process leading to the title of Doctor of Chiropractic is quite similar to that of an M.D. and D.O. In order to earn a D.C. degree, a student most complete several years of pre-chiropractic studies at colleges or universities, followed by 5 academic years of chiropractic education. The chiropractic student's last year is spent in a clinical internship (similar to MD or DO "rotations"). During this time the chiropractic intern, under the supervision of a licensed D.C., will consult, examine and treat patients in a clinic setting. Upon graduation and earning the Doctor of Chiropractic degree, a state licensing exam must be passed in order to practice.

Chiropractic students study many of the same textbooks as medical and osteopathic students. As a matter of fact, a chiropractic student accumulates more course hours in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics (how the body moves), neurology, and nutrition than their medical and osteopathic colleagues.

Disclaimer: Information on this website is for information purposes only not to be used as a medical diganosis.

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